I want to be brave
I want to see the bright side
But I really want to play
With all of my best friends outside
I miss Nanny and Bubba
I miss Casa Linda Park
I'm tired of my mom saying
That it's time to do some art

I wave hi to my class on my computer screen
And at night, turn on a light to fight off scary dreams
On my birthday, my friends wave while driving by in cars
I want things to go back to how they really are

Now my dad works for home and we go for lots of walks
And we swing on our new swing until it starts getting dark
Done about a million puzzles, read every book I have
Since we've been stuck at home, not everything's been bad

But sometimes I'm so mad that I want to kick the wall
Mom and dad say that's okay but it helps to sit and talk
And these days aren't here to stay, but they can be real hard
And one day we'll go back to how things really are