About Us

The Que Pastas are a kindie (kid+indie=kindie) band based out of Austin.

Formed around the core of songwriter Gene Davis and multi-instrumentalist Simon Flory, The Que Pastas play 100+ shows a year at events that range from major festivals to small libraries. The Que Pastas released their debut album, "Sunglasses," in 2013, and followed it up with "Meet You By The Moon" in 2016.

When not playing music for kids and their families alike, The Que Pastas are often found eating cereal and watching documentaries on Netflix.

The Onion A.V. Club attempted to crack the band's origins. Read about what they found here
What others say:

The Que Pastas are playing "cleverly written, melodically driven songs...(that) isn't just good kids' music, but good pop music for people of all ages." – Denver Post Reverb

"The whole thing is very promising."Zooglobble.com

"Quirky and catchy, this is not your average kindie band, and I look forward to seeing what batch of original recipes the 'Pastas' cook up next."Nugget Island

"Gene Davis (vox/guitar), Simon Flory (bass, banjo), and Jody Suarez (beat of a different drum), (aka The Que Pastas), nearly caused a kiddie riot at Mueller recently in a free concert for KUTX, and sophomore LP Meet You by the Moon bottles the tot mosh." — Austin Chronicle